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Sales and CRM

Client's dashboard, revenue target and sales performance.

Update client's details, set revenue target for each client and track sales performance. Discover the trend on why you lose and win projects.


Start from the beginning.

Collect all of the opportunities in your sales/projects pipeline. It includes all of the key information you need: account manager, pricing, length and sale probability. Create your project, do your budget, and begin!

Multiple versions of budget.

Add. Set. Revise. Go.

List all the resources you think that you will need for your project divided into areas and tasks. Update your budget and keep the multiple versions in history.

Shared planning.

Resources, production and milestones.

Start planning the workdays according to the budget. Planning and budget are always consistent in wethod. Planning production and setting milestones in a shared environment improves team work efficiency and helps to keep everything organised.

It’s Friday!

Timesheet & Project status.

What have we done in our projects this week?
On Fridays, team members put the amount of hours worked for each project within the week. This helps project managers to estimate how many days it will take to complete each project.

Real time insights.

With no extra effort.

Access the reports on your project progress. View how your project is growing in detail on the weekly info, and get insights of the value produced by project and by client.

Economic impact
on your company.

Future is predictable. wethod gives you detailed information about your profit and loss in the current time, and a future forecast of your revenues.

Custom dashboard.

For responsible decision making.

A control panel offers a complete look with a set of custom widgets: revenue clock, budget consumption, productivity, invoices, revenue progress. An intelligent system of alerts will prevent you from making mistakes before it's too late.

Project Timeline.

Keep all your customer interaction history from your first email to the last meeting. Timeline also gives a bird’s eye view on important project’s event like orders or invoices sent, changes to the margin, and a lot more.

Team member profile page.

Skills, trends and working connections.

A place where you can introduce yourself to your team members and show off your secret weapons. Upload a picture of yourself to get easily recognised for easier people allocation by your team mates. Set up quarterly objectives and keep them updated. Trends' spark lines will keep you on track.

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