wethod is more than just project management software. It's a whole new philosophy: modern, integrated, distributed, responsible, straightforward.

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Spend your time on creating value.

We know time is a valuable asset. That's why it's important to spend it right focusing on stimulating and reinvigorating activities that positively impact your journey. We are conscious, brave, and passionate. We are perfectly imperfect and endlessly curious, so when things don't add up we simply reinvent them.


Indecisiveness at work is mostly unmotivated.

Every day we are asked to make important decisions, which can be simple or life-changing. But how do you define important? Is finding the right title for this manifesto more or less important than deciding whether to move into a new house? We spend hours puzzling over problems that are seemingly very critical to us, but often critical issues can be addressed and simplified using collective intelligence.


Decisions are not irreversible and errors are admissible.

Managing a service company that works on projects is somewhat different than managing a nuclear power plant. First of all because things are never as complicated as they seem at first glance; and second, because making a mistake usually does not involve an actual disaster. We encourage bold choices. We believe in change and in the courage to follow through. Put into perspective, a radical choice will usually not provoke drastic change in one’s life, but it just might make work easier and more convenient for everyone.


Less (done well) is more.

We promote a system that makes the most out of scarcity. Since most of us do not have as many resources as NASA, we need timely and reliable information to make the right decisions, so we can focus our attention on the real value of the business.


Breaking the myth of project management complexity.

It is a paradox: we developed a project management solution that streamlines project management, transforming it into a seamless layer of the value chain.


Distributed responsibility
is the key.

We are great promoters of abolishing centralized command and control models. It may seem more effective, but the reality is that it is not only tiring but also less reliable as micro-management overburdens us with unnecessary stress.


We promote a system of autonomy based on shared awareness.

Being autonomous means having access to real-time, homogeneous data. It also means acknowledging other components of your ecosystem and trusting that their decisions arise from the same timely and intelligent data.


Trust and transparency
come first.

Sharing corporate economic data strengthens team responsibility and awareness. It generates a sense of ownership and helps manage critical issues and stress-related situations. We never focus on a single project or person; we build an overview of the entire organization using a participatory and inclusive method.


Nobody is perfect,
except for the system.

Sharing a common language is essential, and learning is the building block of our model. It aligns everyone with the same universal protocol, and promotes a model with shared planning that rewards virtuous and collaborative behaviors. Selfishness and apathy are naturally outcasted.


Original culture attracts talent.

Only by cutting off rigid and obsolete management dogmas can one create a positive work environment that is free to express its own evolving culture. It's magnetic to those who observe it and transformative to those who engage with it, as it gives individuals the opportunity to express their potential and talent.

Our own story is interesting, too

We started off a few years ago, an ambitious team of 10 struggling with the challenges of a growing pipeline and the management of multiple projects.

We tried various software solutions, but none of them really worked for us, as over time we had developed an independent, distributed way of working that was incompatible with all existing standards and management tools.

We needed a system that could support our collaborative approach to management while allowing us to predict critical issues before it was too late, and since such a solution was unavailable on the market, we decided to build it ourselves. A few prototypes later, some internal experiments, and many sleepless nights, wethod was born; an incarnation of our own philosophy.

Today we are an independent startup with an increasingly growing team, which attracts the attention of numerous companies intrigued by this new approach to management. Our software is used by creative agencies, architecture and engineering firms, software houses, consulting firms, and anyone who works primarily on projects.

We service our customers not only with a practical software solution, but also advice and consultations on how to evolve their organization and create a model that is suitable for them. We continue to collaborate with H-FARM and other clients, listening to their needs to improve our product and make it intuitive, usable, and easy to integrate.

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We believe in bold choices, awareness, shared responsibility, transparency, and freedom of choice.