There is a magic potion
that gives the team superpowers.

X-Ray vision, telepathy, super speed, time manipulation,
transparent communication, and innate agility
will be just a few of their new skills.

Hit the OKRs with perfect aim

This is where you can discover new aspects of your colleagues. Each person has a personal profile accessible to everyone, where they can present themselves and choose a sponsor, who will follow their professional growth.

Together, you can define the OKRs (Objective and Key Results), i.e. expectations whose progress can be measured and assessed quantitatively; completing all the key results means that you have reached the goal for the quarter.
Good job, keep going!

Share feedback to support professional growth

Give each team member the opportunity to evaluate the project they have worked on — the criteria are decided in the general settings and everyone is asked to express an anonymous evaluation on the project and on the work of colleagues. Identify your strengths and the skill to improve.
At the same time, encourage the professional growth of your colleagues.

Don't be afraid to encourage autonomy and responsibility

The system is designed to support everyone to manage themselves independently, so each person can work on the most suitable project thanks to their skills and experience, with no difference in role between planners and executors. Responsibility and trust are necessary, but here's how wethod helps you manage yourself independently:

Warnings of inconsistencies

The alert widget notifies you before critical issues and inconsistencies pop up, so it's impossible to make mistakes.


The system sends budget approval requests to managers and reminds you to follow up with leads, fill in timesheets, do project status, team reviews, and much more.

Guided budgeting

The budget page helps you step by step to estimate the costs of your project, so as to sell it at the right price.

Collaborative planning

Flexible scheduling of assignments allows the team to collaborate on projects and still prevents you from exceeding the budget.

Invoice reminder

The billing widget reminds you when to send the invoices for the projects you are working on.

External costs

You can only send orders in accordance with the estimated external costs. This way it is impossible to exceed the agreed quota in the budget.

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