Being “on the same page”,
for us, is not just a figure of speech.

Stop wasting time in alignment meetings and coordinate the team with a single project dashboard.

Define the project frame

Define the essential aspects of the project in the project canvas: describe your client’s needs, illustrate the concept proposed by the team, and define the objectives to achieve. Everyone will be able to access the project frame and update the descriptions and progress. The consultation becomes immediate, and you will no longer waste time looking for information to stay updated.

Visualize the roadmap: list, Kanban, or Gannt? 

You can use boards to keep track of any type of activity, because you decide how to set them up: text boxes, numbers, status, colors, milestones, and dates. You can assign the task to one or more team members, estimate the duration, set deadlines, and include links to speed up any external connection. You can customize it by keeping track of meetings, events, deadlines, and trips.

Don't leave docs all over the place 

If you thought that we would leave you juggling a thousand cloud folders, it means that so far we have not presented ourselves well. Use the project canvas repository to save presentations, deliverables, and any other must-see documents.

Folder and file syncing between Google Drive and the project Canvas in wethod.

Use the personal desk to stay organized

To keep track of your tasks, we have linked the boards with the personal desk, where you can look at the status of the activity you are assigned to. There is also an alert window that notifies you in case of inconsistencies, one that reminds you of the invoices to send, and a board where you can create shortcuts with various sections of wethod.

Don't miss anything, thanks to the timeline

A timeline is connected to each project that records every change in real-time. The interactive interface also allows you to track important moments such as calls, emails, and meetings. It is useful for making decisions in complex projects or for those without an elephant’s memory.

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