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Reports to read, not decipher

To cheer you up on Monday mornings there is a descriptive insight section that summarizes the previous week and month. It’s useful to connect the dots and make sense of the available information. Stay up to date with weekly production comparisons, project value, incoming and outgoing orders, sales targets, lost and won opportunities, and information on chargeability.

Discover the true accrual of your revenues: the value of production

The gist of it is: if I produce an apple in March, but I sell it during the following month, why should I pin its value to April?

Production Value is an insight section that shows the true accrual of your revenues. It allows you to consistently understand how much you are producing, week by week and month by month, with details on customers, projects, hours worked, progress, and external costs. It also tells you how distant you are from your annual target. 

How much is missing to hit the budget?

With the Budget Breakdown you instantly see the projection of your sales pipeline against the forecast budget, highlighting the missing delta and the bluesky. The other charts allow you to intuitively assign the accrual of revenues by probability of acquisition, by customer, by type of project, and also by particular categories you can customize.

The progress of the project portfolio to find out who’s missing the mark

Each bubble is a project; the higher it flies the slower it is, while eating up a lot of the budget. On the contrary, the heavier bubbles advance quickly but consume few resources.

Who wins? Those that are on the diagonal line and therefore consistently advance with what they consume.

Morning hours are golden (as long as they bill)

How to forget the invoice section? If you want to grow your portfolio, you cannot memorize the collectability of each project, nor use obsolete spreadsheets. For sustainable projects, you can rely on this graph that correlates the billing status of each project with its progress. The bubble game works here as well; just be careful not to pop them.

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