Manage human resources
or manage resources humanly?

Of course, we are of the second school of thought;
but you need suitable tools and valuable insights to foster a happy and successful team.

Learn more about your winning crew

How much is the group growing compared to last year?
What is the forecast?
Does your young company have a fair gender distribution?How many skills do we have in the team?

With wethod you can check this and much more in the "People" section, dedicated to the demographic insights of the team.

Scouting and onboarding of new talents

Leave the paperwork to wethod and focus on the creative involvement of brilliant minds. Simplify the scouting process using our boards, for an organized and updated view of the talent pipeline. Enter contact information, profile link, evaluation status, referrals, and interview dates for each candidate.

How many new designers can we hire?

Knowing the economic impact of new resources has never been easier: enter a new placeholder, specifying the expected duration of the contract, the annual salary, and taxes.

wethod shows you the amount of new talents in pipeline and tells you how much it will weigh your income.

Get to know the rest of the team without searching on social media

To find out more about your colleagues' background, interests and skills, simply access their personal profile. Having a chat is always the best way to get to know people, but the profiles on wethod are useful when you are looking for someone for a particular project: who speaks Japanese and is passionate about Star Wars?

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Find out how easy it can be to improve the daily work of your team. Reduce management costs, through a more agile and integrated approach.

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And if you're still not convinced...

We believe in bold choices, awareness, shared responsibility, transparency, and freedom of choice.