Dive into the income statement
better than Uncle $crooge

An integrated and reliable economic framework is necessary
to help you become the richest duck in the world.

Going nuts with inconsistent data
is no longer contemplated

To support the decision-making process, check the monthly projection, including external costs, margin, payroll, G&A, marketing costs, and capitalizations.

You can also enter the annual and quarterly budget, and compare it with the current one to highlight the delta.

Even more details
on your costs and revenues

Revenues from the sales pipeline flow into the Company Revenue section, and give you a reliable projection of monthly revenues, unpacked by project accrual. With the same logic, you will also find a sheet related to external costs.

Payroll management: the admins will love it

The management of salaries is so easy on wethod that colleagues will no longer be able to do it without it: entering each person’s salary is immediate and includes taxes and duration. Manage bonuses and corrections and find out how much the onboarding of new talent will impact your business. Everything flows into the income statement.

Nothing is vague: G&A, Marketing, and Capitalization

To have a clear and comprehensive income statement, enter the total amount of general and administrative costs and the reference period, specify the promotion costs, and decide the percentage of costs to be capitalized per project.

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