In just few days
the whole team will be so skilled
they could fake a degree
in Project management

Managing projects will be as easy as walking in the park.

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Focus on the essentials. If something goes wrong, let wethod take care of it.

Gestire un progetto è davvero semplice, basta aggiungere le informazioni principali, come il valore, la durata, la probabilità di vincita e la categoria. Gli alert ti avvisano di eventuali incongruenze, mentre tu puoi concentrarti su attività di valore.

Estimate the final price (and how much you will earn)
without making any calculations.

Making a realistic and sustainable estimate of the project budget is like weather forecasting: it's almost always wrong. But our budget layout guides you step by step in formulating a reliable estimate. Easy, automatic and consistent with the costs of each related  activity.

That’s it? Not at all: compare different versions, enter discounts, estimate external costs, define contingency or create a templates o you can use it for future similar projects

Planning the team? 
It's like a Tetris game

People filter

You don't need a project management graduate to select the right resource, in wethod it's easy thanks to filters by level, area, language and interest.

Flexible allocation

Plan according to your needs: hourly, daily or weekly.

Activity type

Find out what kind of activity the team is focusing on thanks to the colors of the different project categories.

Budget consistency

Planning is limited to the hours and days estimated in the budget: it's impossible to bend the system.

Reliable data
is not an option:
plan production
with ease

Plan your project work and find out how much you will produce in the coming months (spoiler: it will all feed into your income statement). All you have to do is estimate the amount of work and the probability of actually carrying it out, this will automatically update progress information of each project. Otherwise, simplify things and push the "auto distribution" (not auto destruction) button.

You will no longer
have to ask:
hey, but did they pay us?

You also won't have to setup any complex notification workflows to remind you to send out invoices. With a built in Invoice Plan, you decide the monthly billing plan for each project while automatic alerts remind you when to send them out. You can also add notes, track their status and check the annual billing plan for the entire portfolio.

It's Friday again!
But before: fill in your Timesheet and Project Status.

Wethod will remind you of these two fundamental activities. Fill in the number of hours you spent working on each project, it only takes few minute. Also, don't forget to update the project status by estimating the number of days left for concluding it. Wethod will automatically calculate the percentage of progress, so you don't have, leaving you more time to enjoy Friday night.

Do you have enough gasoline for reaching your destination?

While you spend the weekend hiking through the mountains or swimming in the sea, Wethod grinds the data to give you a full summary of your project's situation so you have it ready every Monday morning. A dedicated chart will show you project trends, comparing budget consumption with actual progress. To keep your focus on margins and target, an account of the incurred revenues and costs is also shown. In addition, keep track of your overall progress week on week thanks to the Roadrunner Index.

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