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A basket to collect ideas and new opportunities

The basket is your starting point: use it to map out possible new projects or preliminary phases of pre-sale. Assign the opportunity to the related customer, make an estimate of the value and leave it to your trusted account. Thanks to automatic follow-up messages, comments, and notes, it is impossible to leave something behind.

Keep track of your Pipeline Opportunities to convert more leads

Pipeline Opportunities is useful for tracking the progress of early-stage projects that are beginning to increase the probability of winning. The opportunity starts to take the structure of a real project: estimate the value, budget, margin, and expected duration. Track the status of the proposal to align the whole team.

Know your customer like the back of your hand

Develop an empathic and productive relationship with the customer, anticipating their needs. Not only can you register the usual contact elements, but also group by segments and search by personalized tags, to identify specific interests and objectives. Find out who is the reference contact within your company and what notes they left you on that customer.

Filtro di risorse

Non ti serve un laureato in project management per farlo, perché selezionare la risorsa giusta è facile grazie ai filtri per livello, area, lingua e interesse.


Pianifica secondo le tue esigenze: a ore, a mezza giornata o a settimane intere.

Overview sull'allocazione

Scopri su che tipo di attività si sta concentrando il team grazie ai colori delle diverse categorie di progetto.

Consistente al budget

La pianificazione è limitata alle ore e giornate stimate a budget: sarà impossibile sforare il budget.

Teach the art of selling to the shyest

The timeline updates automatically when you edit the project information. It helps record the latest events, such as meetings or calls, and share the messages exchanged. Teach your language to those less inclined to customer hunting, share the storyboard of past projects, and you will all become Sales Masters!

Decide the annual target for each customer

This feature is a boost for an in-depth and consistent analysis of the sales pipeline. Estimate the total target for an effective long-term strategy. The budget, yearly or quarterly, will flow into the insights along with your actual production to support your decision-making process.

Measure sales performance:
tuna or shark?

There is an insight section entirely dedicated to sales revenues. Check how much you are missing to hit the annual target, find out the ratios on conversion levels, and compare the sales performance between the years. The feature measures the team's average production level and the number of weeks left to clear out the backlog. Furthermore, the Program function tracks the economics of projects aggregated by topic, customer, and offering.

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