Everybody wants a smarter life, but no one thinks about smarter work.

We all want to work and, if possible, have fun while doing it, and we definitely don't want to waste time collecting data and putting numbers together. That’s why we have created a tool for project management: it’s simple, automated, and integrated.
Why keep it to ourselves?

wethod is born out of a real necessity:
to manage a large portfolio of projects in an agile way and share it with a growing team.

We developed it based on our practical experience, needs, and goals while collaborating with different stakeholders that help us evolve and constantly improve our product.
This is why it works so well!

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Everything in one window,
always within sight.

Designed for reliable and transparent management

In order to focus on a situation and make the right decision, we need order, control, and precise data. That's why wethod is your best friend.

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No more messages like:

Our secret formula:
less time wasted on waiting = more time spent on what matters

Unfortunately, we cannot give you back the time you lost while waiting for data or updated reports, but we can promise that you'll never have to wait again because it’s all there, real-time, and ready to use. From productivity reports to progress and budgets, relevant and timely insights to share with the rest of the team.

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No more
spreadsheets, cloud folders, incomplete or lost documents.

Designed for every management model: horizontal, vertical,
or inverted dodecahedron

We easily become attached to the organization we work for. So why change habits if you don't want to?
We invented a platform capable of adapting to every situation: from collaborative planning with shared responsibilities to vertical micro-management structures. You choose the shape that's right for you.

No more jumping from one platform

to another to extract the information you need.

Like the cactus in the desert or the ficus in the jungle, wethod adapts to any environment

Whether you are a creative agency, an architecture firm, a consulting company or a research center on extraterrestrial life (in this case, we don't want to know), it's all the same to us, but probably very unique for you. You will find that wethod adapts to you without making you change who you really are.


no more forms nor paperwork to fill out. 

Giving your team superpowers

"Knowledge is power."

Francis Bacon said it in 1597, but this is especially true today: wethod promotes professional growth, helps you teach the basics of project management, and optimizes the time spent on valuable activities, cutting out all the tedious bureaucracy.

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Find out how easy it can be to improve the daily work of your team. Reduce management costs, through a more agile and integrated approach.

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Just a single, integrated
management platform.